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Veiki Friday – What Does Veiki Have to Say Today? #Seer #Fantasy #SciFi #ZeeKelleyBlog #VeikiFriday @zee_kelley

Hello Human
Visiting the stews today, on the east side of Turi.
The brothel district is near the northern wharf, where the bathhouses used to be, which are not too far from the marketplaces. In fact, sometimes the ladies find their customers in the market and lure them back to their place of work.
I can always tell when there’s a higher-up who sponsors a brothel because the ladies are always dressed so nicely and smell of lavender, sometimes lemon or other herbs.
It’s a shame others turn up their noses as these ladies are always so nice.
I often find the harder one’s life is, the more empathy they possess for others.
Perhaps I will see if they let me sit on their shoulder for a while.
Oh, look there, one with a lovely pear.
Perhaps she’ll let me have a piece.


Published by Zee Kelley

In 2004, I began the creative writing journey with the one goal of writing about the lives of the people dwelling in my soul. Twice more, I tried to write the books, but still, the books were not the stories of my childhood fantasies. Now, after years of writing, and becoming an award-winning author, I am ready to write the books of Seataris. If you love rich, world-building, real-to-life characters, then you will love these four books. Come join me on this journey as the stories and characters unfold.

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