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Veiki Friday – What Does Veiki Have to Say Today? #Seer #Fantasy #SciFi #ZeeKelleyBlog #VeikiFriday @zee_kelley

Hello, Humans

Man, am I hungry. 

I missed lunch today, so I’m stalking one of the Florix organics to see if they drop any seeds. The opportunity to eat happens when the plant custodians unhook one of their many seed pouches from their belts. They drop a few seeds, and that’s an easy lunch. Sometimes I find a friendly organic that will leave a few seeds on a stump for me to snag. How nice is that? 

Oh, wait, you haven’t met an organic? 

So sorry. Nice people. Although they do tend to keep to themselves. 

Organics travel the forest in search of herbs for the healers to care for the sick and help the farmers make sure there is enough food for the people. They maintain this large supply of plants by tapping into the Ki-force, or pools of energy, stored in the earth. Organics can bend this energy and propagate enough plants to serve the needs of the community. 

It’s so fun to watch them do their thing. 

One minute, there is a seed. 

The next minute, there is a fully grown plant. 

But I prefer seeds over chomping on plants, so I’m hoping they drop a few today. If not, I guess I’ll have to settle for a leaf salad. 

Gotta go. The organic is untying one of his many little seed sacks. 

Catch up soon. 

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Published by Zee Kelley

In 2004, I began the creative writing journey with the one goal of writing about the lives of the people dwelling in my soul. Twice more, I tried to write the books, but still, the books were not the stories of my childhood fantasies. Now, after years of writing, and becoming an award-winning author, I am ready to write the books of Seataris. If you love rich, world-building, real-to-life characters, then you will love these four books. Come join me on this journey as the stories and characters unfold.

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